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David started his career in business professional services (Price Waterhouse and Arthur Andersen) working in accounting, audit, finance, law, management, planning, tax and trusts. At the start of the Personal Computer revolution he founded and managed a national computer services company providing business solutions using leading-edge technologies and was an early founder in defining the meaning of systems and enterprise architectures. He was involved in some of the biggest and most complex business/technology projects in New Zealand and Australia, in just about all areas of business and government. Having achieved all his business goals, David then "retired" from business to focus on agriculture, art, audio, electronics, the environment, history, music, politics and travel, resulting with him finally residing in Europe. During this time he continued to research, and work with, leading-edge technologies and ideas. Recently, David has moved to Silicon Valley (USA) and founded a corporation to work with Artificial Intelligence (AI), ARM-based edge devices, audio, container orchestration, peer-to-peer services, high security and Augmented Reality (AR).